I like my Noodles (the original ones, not Indomie) whole…and spicy. So that i can make annoying sippy sounds as I down them and splash noodle soup all over my cheeks and bosom. This is not a foodie’s blog though(but I am a terrible foodie and I terribly binge, just so you know). It is about life, the broken and unbroken aspects of it, the parts of it that we love and those we totally despise.

Ah, philosophy and good-girl vibe aside, Unbroken Noodles is just a line I pulled out of an episode of my current favorite series, Scandal. I thought the line was catchy and goofy, which pretty much defines who i am. 🙂 This blog therefore, in a few words, is life as it plays out in the eyes of a young lady who has had her share of what life has to offer,good and bad both, and is trying to make the best out of it.

Bon appetit!


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