Coke Studio Africa-Home Of Revolutionary Music

Intriguing. Exciting. Life changing. These are three words that in the very least describe the last two seasons of Coke Studio Africa. Right from its inception, the show’s mission and aim was to bring together artistes from different cultures and backgrounds, and to give them a collaborative platform for them to work together in making amazing music. Well folk, Coke Studio Africa has done just that. In fact, many will agree that it has definitely outdone itself. To term the music that has been given to the fans as amazing would be to verily understate. Revolutionary is more like it.

The participating artists have taught us that music is a universal language, a universal feeling that can be expressed by anyone using any form. We have gotten to enjoy, appreciate and learn from the diversity we have as Africans, because music knows no borders.

Here therefore, are a couple of successes that have arisen from this amazing show. I must say, they are quite a handful!

  1. Yemi Alade learnt to speak Swahili!(well, at least some of it :-))

    Coke Studio Africa artist, Yemi Alade From Nigeria (PHOTO CREDITS:

    Coke Studio Africa artist, Yemi Alade From Nigeria

During her collaboration with Tanzanian music artist Diamond Platinumz, the Nigerian had to learn a few Swahili words of Diamond’s Úkimwona’ song and I must say she nailed it! Right on the head. You go girl!

2. Coke Africa artists are bagging it hard in the awards ceremonies.

3. Davido and Diamond’s remix of Number One is a current hit and is still being played all over Africa. The two artists who both featured in Season Two of the show go together to make what is arguably one of the best remixes Africa has heard in recent times. Here is the video.

Coke Studio Africa is here to stay, and there is only one way it can go-UP.


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