It’s Okay To Be Imperfect


I have been through the hustle of not being first choice on very many instances, that for a while it began to feel like home. For one reason or another there always has to be a better person or a more worthwhile endeavor that in more instances than one, involves someone that is not me. Back in primary school I had an unspoken love/crush thing going on with a certain boy. Unspoken because he sat across the room from me and everyday he would look my way and just smile at me. My tiny virgin heart would melt as if exposed to some buttery sunshine, then I’d smile back. We never really talked, you know, verbally, but we DID talk, smilingly and to me that was marked territory. My marked territory. I had the deal sealed tight and safe. I was happy, and I was the envy of many.

[Quick side question to those that just don’t get the concept of marked territory. So you’ve come across my bobby pins, bra and a Kortex box half-full. There’s also three pairs of my heels on his shoe rack, my flowery towel in his bathroom and my clothes in his closet. Wotchu still doing in his house woman? I’ll tell you what. Waiting for the angel of death! Coz I ain’t gon spare you when I catch you there! Na-ah!]

One (fateful) day a new girl walked into our class and that was the end of my smiley bliss. She became the new recipient to the smiles that were mine and he never looked at me ever again, except for that one time when some idiot pulled my chair away just as I sat and I fell legs up. I moved on, many wet pillows later, and I hit it off with another boy. Nigga got me hooked with a couple of Jimw@t’s lines that went something like this,

“reverse psychology, mwambie kitu haezi fanya
si unani-like,
na mi naku-like
so tuna likiana
si una psyche
na mi nina psyche
so, tunaeza anza ku___”

and then dumped me for my best friend. I never really got to know why. I mean I replied to his tiny notes in class as soon as I received them, like the perfect girlfriend, plus my face was yet to be pimple-infested and my breasts weren’t as perky and annoyingly pointy as most of the girls in our class. I never did anything wrong in my opinion. Simply put, the boy was a thirsty bastard, the girl a back-stabbing conniving bitch. They deserved each other.

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Coca-Cola Company has re-launched the A Billion Reasons To Believe Campaigns, this time going as A Billion Reasons To Believe In Yourself, with the hash tag #IAmAReason. This campaign mainly focuses on teenagers and it seeks to empower them and make them believe in themselves and in their ability to rise up against all odds and prosper.

Coke Studio Africa-Home Of Revolutionary Music

Intriguing. Exciting. Life changing. These are three words that in the very least describe the last two seasons of Coke Studio Africa. Right from its inception, the show’s mission and aim was to bring together artistes from different cultures and backgrounds, and to give them a collaborative platform for them to work together in making amazing music. Well folk, Coke Studio Africa has done just that. In fact, many will agree that it has definitely outdone itself. To term the music that has been given to the fans as amazing would be to verily understate. Revolutionary is more like it.

The participating artists have taught us that music is a universal language, a universal feeling that can be expressed by anyone using any form. We have gotten to enjoy, appreciate and learn from the diversity we have as Africans, because music knows no borders.

Here therefore, are a couple of successes that have arisen from this amazing show. I must say, they are quite a handful!

  1. Yemi Alade learnt to speak Swahili!(well, at least some of it :-))

    Coke Studio Africa artist, Yemi Alade From Nigeria (PHOTO CREDITS:

    Coke Studio Africa artist, Yemi Alade From Nigeria

During her collaboration with Tanzanian music artist Diamond Platinumz, the Nigerian had to learn a few Swahili words of Diamond’s Úkimwona’ song and I must say she nailed it! Right on the head. You go girl!

2. Coke Africa artists are bagging it hard in the awards ceremonies.

3. Davido and Diamond’s remix of Number One is a current hit and is still being played all over Africa. The two artists who both featured in Season Two of the show go together to make what is arguably one of the best remixes Africa has heard in recent times. Here is the video.

Coke Studio Africa is here to stay, and there is only one way it can go-UP.

A Billion Reasons To Believe In Yourself…And Be Phat!

it is traumatizing and scarring for fat kids

it is traumatizing and scarring for fat kids

You do not know the struggle, until you have faced the prejudice and ridicule for being, for lack of a better blunt word, FAT. Like being forced to pay for two seats in a bus, or a plane.or at a restaurant… I mean it is tough enough to have to breathe like you have just climbed Mount Everest every time you try to walk and talk, but to pay for being just a little heftier than everyone else? That is outright unacceptable.

It is one thing to have some ‘fattitude’ towards adults that are considered fat, but to relay the same to kids and teens? That is the low-blowing in its lowest form. Most people just tend to think that kids who are slightly bigger just lie around all day, lazying around and filling themselves up with potato chips or Oreos, and have got nothing else of importance, going on in their lives.And, calling it childhood obesity is just a way of sugar-coating it. It doesn’t make it any less annoying or hurting. Did you know that in 2013 a certain part of the Boy Scouts of America  banned kids that had a BMI of above 40 from being part of most of the scouting activities while they were out hiking? What, you don’t believe me? Well, read about it here.

Coca-Cola believes that irregardless of your weight, you have a billion reasons to believe in yourself, and believe that you can do literally anything you set your mind to do.

Coca-Cola believes in you. You are amazing! (photo credits:

Coca-Cola believes in you. You are amazing! (photo credits:

You wanna be an athlete? Go right ahead! Wanna be the next big thing in the music world? Don’t let annoying idiots tell you that you cannot. Wanna be an actor/actress? Yes you can! It does not matter what other people think about you or what they say. Just take a hint from this amazing person.